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How to View Headers in SmarterMail WebMail

  1. Login to Webmail
    • (Example:
  2. While viewing an email message, click on the View button located in the menu-bar spanning across the top of the email message.
  3. From there, choose Headers from the View button's drop-down menu.

How to View the Headers in popular Email Clients

Elm, Pine, and Mutt

Press "h" from the message selection menu to view the full headers of the currently selected message.


Go into "Options", "Preferences", and choose "Message headers". You'll want to choose the "Full" option to display Received: headers. "Advanced" will display that as well as MIME headers. Do note, however, that sometimes Hotmail has to press some previous generation mailservers into service, and messages sent through those mailservers won't show any headers no matter what. :-(

Lotus Notes 4.6.x

Open the offending mail. Click on "Actions", then "Delivery information". Cut and paste the text from the bottom box, marked "Delivery information:".

Netscape Mail

Choose "OPTIONS" from the options menu bar. Listed as an option is "Show Headers". Choose full headers.

Outlook Express

Open the message. Choose "File" from the options menu bar. Listed as an option is "properties". Another window will open, showing two tabs. You want to choose the one titled "Details". Then cut and paste the headers into the message you want to forward.

Outlook 2000

Double click on the message to open it up, click on "View --> Options", and you will see the message headers in a box at the bottom of the window. You can copy/paste them from that window.


Choose "READER" from the options menu bar. Listed as an option is: "Show all Headers". This does not work for HTML messages, however. A workaround is to select the message properties, and de-selecting "Contains HTML data".


Open the Email you want to view the headers for and Press CTRL + U