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Site Setup Time

After the ordering process, then what? How long does it take to set up a new account?

Generally, a new account or hosting package is setup very fast, anywhere from a few minutes to half hour but within an hour of your order you should receive an email with all the log-in information for your new site. The longest process is our review process for fraud. If it has been longer than a couple of hours, please contact support by submitting a ticket at

Fraudulent Orders

Due diligence is given to all new orders. Most orders make it through our fraud detection, get reviewed by our support staff, and processed immediately. However, in some cases, the automated fraud detection system will flag an order and place it in fraudulent standing. You will be notified during the ordering process if this is the case.

You may receive this error if you are from a country in which we cannot host. A list can be found here

But there are many other reasons a new order may be flagged as fraud. If an order is flagged for fraud, it will need to be closely reviewed by our management before processing is considered.