Railo Errors

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Solutions to common Railo problems and their solutions are listed below:

Error: The server timezone value 'CDT' represents more than one timezone

This error has to do with the MySQL driver being used by Railo. The easiest way to fix this is to do the following:

  1. Log into your site's Railo Web Admin
  2. Go to the the Datasource section
  3. Click the Edit button for your site's Datasource
  4. Find the option for Legacy Datetime Code and set it to true
  5. Save your DSN, and the error will be fixed.

Error: There is no default query cache defined, you need to define this default cache in the Railo Administrator

This error means you need to add a new cache region within your Railo Administrator then make it the default cache region for queries. The error can occur when upgrading to Railo 4.2.

Follow these steps to configure the default cache region:

  1. Log into Railo Server Administrator
  2. Click the Services --> Cache link in the left-hand navigation menu
  3. Go to the Create a new cache connection section at the bottom of the page. Enter a name for the new cache region (such as defaultcache) in the input box then click Create
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the next page, select query from the Default dropdown menu
  5. Click Submit, and the error will be fixed.

Note: When creating the default query cache region, you may either accept all the default settings or customize them to your liking.