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What Databases Do You Support?


  • All of our hosting plans support MySQL. MySQL is a great database source for almost all applications.



  1. All new hosting plans will be using MS SQL 2012 and MS SQL 2014.
  2. MS SQL 2008 is no longer offered.

VPS & Dedicated

  • On your server, we can install MS SQL 2012 or MS SQL 2014.
    1. The Express, Web, and Standard Editions are all available.
    2. The Web and Standard editions are Paid Add-ons.
  • You can install MS SQL 2008 on your VPS if you have the appropriate license.
    1. If you require assistance with this process, please reach out to support.

MS Access

  • We discourage the use of MS Access for your Web Application(s). However, we do support it on our Windows Hosting Plans and most of our ColdFusion Hosting Plans.
  1. Converting to MySQL or MS SQL from Access is fairly easy to do and we would be happy to assist you if needed.