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Email Blacklist Management (VPS)

Blacklist check - VPS ONLY

Go to and use server's IP address. Make sure to click "Check All Blacklists" link.

Blacklisted Network IP Address - VPS ONLY

  • If you've been able to determine that you or your customer's IP Address is on several Reverse BlackLists (RBL's), you can do 1 of 4 things:
  1. (Recommended Method) To work around this, we recommend changing a setting in your SmarterMail System Administrator area:
    1. Login as the SmarterMail System Administrator
    2. Go to Domains
    3. Select the Domain you're working on and click Edit
    4. Go to the Technical tab
    5. Check the box next to Exclude IP from received line
    6. Click Save
  2. Contact your ISP and request a new IP Address
    1. They might reserve the right to deny you this request.
  3. Contact your ISP and request that they remove the IP Address from all of the Blacklists.
    1. They might reserve the right to deny you this request as well and it will normally take a long time to be remove from enough RBL's to count.
  4. Purchase a Static IP Address from your ISP.
    1. Usually this is expensive and unnecessary, but still remains an option for you or your client.
  • ISP's have a pool of IP Addresses that they purchase and switch them out all the time by default. So sometimes you'll be given an IP Address with a bad reputation.
  • The cause of the blacklisting is: if the computer(s) that are using an IP Address have Malware or Viruses on them, and perform malicious behavior, then that IP Address is recorded by third-party Reverse Blacklists as untrusted.
  • If a MailServer looks to the RBL's for general information on an IP Address, then it will know if the message is most likely spam or not.

Delisting from Comcast - VPS ONLY



  1. Fill out the forum correctly and accurately and click on the Submit tab.

To check for blacklist go to:

Delisting from AOL - VPS ONLY

Check IP reputation

Feedback loop application

Request for Removal URL:


  1. Check the headers from the bounce and see what the error was.
  2. Once at the link above scroll down to the drop down and select Other Issues
  3. Click Next
  4. Find the error in the drop down menu and click Next.
  5. Fill out the Form with the information required. Use Support Email and phone numbers.
  6. In the Comments or Notes field, please let them know we have looked into it and taken care of the spammer or placed further filters. If we do not the IP will not be de-listed.

AOL will send an email saying they have received our request and that they will look into it.

Delisting from Barracuda - VPS ONLY


Steps: Support Ticket, Phone number, and Live chat can be found in the link above.

  1. Email/Phone Number will be listed under "Corporate Headquarters Support Office".
  2. Live Chat can be found on the right side of the screen floating.

Delisting from (Hotmail) - VPS ONLY

Delisting from Spamhaus-zen - VPS ONLY

When trying to remove our IP Address from this blacklist you can view the URL below which will tell you if the IP is currently blocked.


Steps: If the IP Address is listed then the search results for the IP will provide you with a URL to follow to get that specific IP de-listed. Follow the steps provided within the URL and make sure you provide them with a good description of the steps we have taken to ensure this does not happen again ( I.E. we removed the users that was sending spam, added some extra filters, ect. ).

Delisting from Yahoo - VPS ONLY



  1. Use the following options after going to the link above:
    1. Mail
    2. Mail
    3. Postmaster
    4. SMTP Error - Blocked or delayed mail
  2. Fill out any forms that are required